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Slave Lord is a BDSM game in which you are an orc who took a sexy babe captive. Your mission is Use them right and you'll be able to fuck her just as you want.

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My apologies to those waiting on an update, gamees personal life has been difficult of late, but doing my best to games like slave maker back into things. I will post again once I have more to report.

slave maker like games

Tuesday, June 14, Still here. Sorry all for a lack of posts, still around, just been unwell for the last few weeks, still with a heavy cold.

slave maker like games

Still working on the game and some others, but no current estimate for an update, I'll post in a week or two with more information Other games In passing, a couple of other slave trainer type games like slave maker I have games like slave maker Free Cities http: Porno online games complete too Strive For Power http: Posted by cmacleod42 at 1: Saturday, May 14, I am not a fan of Windows I was just doing some work on the game again, just hunting for bugs and small tweaks and Windows crashed on me a few times.

Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I keep seeing Explorer lkie a lot, and a lot of things just run poorly in comparison to my previous Windows 7 installation.

maker games like slave

Admittedly my computer is games like slave maker old, still a 32 bit system with only 2Gb usable memory. I have a laptop of similar nature, naker Vista I am going to have to upgrade that soon as it is nearing it's end of life When I can afford it I will have to get a new desktop system, when I can afford it.

maker games like slave

If they can help likw, then great! I also provide them in case of future events causing me to disappear, and I would hate CCM to go with me.

slave games maker like

Almost happy second birthday CCM! It's come a very long way in the past 2 years, and received 24 updates!


Some have been minor, some have been huge! Blah Blah update notes!

maker slave games like

Fixed a bug with the Slave's Custom Stats slve updating. Fixed some typos in the Slave Maker's Skills menu. Added a Potions Menu in the Games like slave maker Menu. Added a Slut Training option to all slaves Trainings menu.

Jul 15, - Gracie plays slave maker episode 2 (Hentai sex game) Hey-o if you enjoy be sure to hit that like button and support me by turning off adblock!

Reworked several menus to be far more efficient with less redundant coding. Added an option to toggle the Auto Translations.

maker games like slave

The Auto Translations pull text straight games like slave maker the base game and use them to populate the above menus. This way if you play anything besides English, the major menus will match whatever translation you are using. So now you will see stuff like Stats shown exactly as you see them in the status window in game.


Slave Maker Development

It will ganes flow better and be a little easier to find what you want. Until someone creates adult game android translation, the majority of the Games like slave maker Menu will still be in English.

This process can be a bit resource intensive, and as such you may notice some slow loads when you enter certain menus.

For this reason, I included the option to toggle this feature off in the Cheat Settings. Mister Pix Creators of this game is PinkTea, the same like a DarkLord game.

Apr 24, - [ATTACH] Overview: Slavemaker is a fan hentai parody of the game She will be trained in many fields but sex is a significant part of the training. characters from anime and games, their personalities will be similar but not.

But SlaveLord is more more playable like this! Without cheat in this game is no progress!

slave maker like games

You expected profit for game in Patreon, and released it here like unplayable? Then what I write above, you are stupid Only what I can do in first level is Talk! Stupid creator, no progres in game is pretty big bug. I bet that is games like slave maker game what win only creator.

maker slave games like

I dont want that type of games. And some for site owners - tested games before launching on site.

Litosh Comics

That craps only lowered trust in your site for others. You tested this game before release it????? Galla Demon Read This The Legend of Lust - Hottie. Peach's Untold Tale Unfinished 2.

slave games maker like

Zum Damenhaus Brothel v3. A new city of available for play, Dunmyre!

slave maker like games

Selling Akane to the Lord and potentially other similar sales. System button disappearing at times.

Slave Doll

Blank events in the Docks related to the Bounty Hunter Irinia. Excessive appearance for Marey in the Forest some left over test code. Problems for stat max capping.

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